Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day & 39th Birthday

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday. And while 40 is knocking, I am quite content to let it come right in, no fear. I had a really hard time with my 29th birthday, I felt at odds with where I thought I should have been, that year made me grow up. Without going into details, my 29th year was with out a doubt the hardest of my life. Luckily I heeded the warnings, I pulled myself up and I carried on, not without a lot of help from my Jaded J. So now 10 years later, I can look back and say "phew", and "thank you", and "I love you more".

This post was going to be about what to wear, but I like where it went instead. To my beloved husband, you make every day easy, and I have never felt so loved.

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jadedj said...

Ahhhhh, well damn. I come over here for fashioness, and I You are the best, baby! Oh, and believe me, the day will come that you'll be looking at that 40 thing, longingly as well.