Monday, January 31, 2011

Shoes, OMG Shoes, Lets get some shoes!!!

Jaded J, has way spoiled me today. I got my perfect shoe. Green, old fashioned, heeled. It is coming from Schuh, in the UK. I have been wanting a pair of green shoes forever..........! Oh please please please let them fit!

Torrid Happiness!!!!!

My purchases have started to arrive....YEAH ME!

I am really into the Mad Men look right now, the little cardigans with skirts. I have always loved 50's inspired clothing. So my order consisted of two cardigans and one skirt. Unfortunately the skirt is no longer on the website or I would have a picture of that too.

The red cardigan I got has the fabric flowers, another obsession of mine recently. I even made my own flower fabric pins with moderate success this fall. I took the polyester filmy fabric, cut roundish blobs, and then burned the edges, after that I got some swaroski beads for the middle. I really like them. As a matter of fact I have more fabric, I just haven't made more of them yet.

The black cardigan is is very pretty, has 3/4 sleeves, with crystal detailing and buttons. I liked this because it wasn't just plain black, it had some visual interest without wearing jewelry. I like jewelry, I am bad about wearing it, I just don't take the time to accesorize the way I should. But the ladies on other blogs, especailly Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou inspire me to try harder.

The skirt has the stretchy band at the top that can be rolled over to make the skirt longer or shorter. The skirt then has three flouncy layers of soft knit netting. TRES Cute. I have wanted a plain black skirt, but that was not a maxi skirt, not mini skirt. I think I have found it. I was going to buy the a-line skirt from Eliza Parker, but she ran out of my size....BOO! So this was on sale at Torrid, and I thought...what the hell? It was certainly cheaper, but a good black skirt is a solid investment because it should never go out of style. I am going to haunt the Eliza Parker website for awhile to see if it comes back in my size.

So on this nasty icy winter day in Nebraska, with me being home with the flu, I got some happiness in a soft white Torrid envelope.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My favorite time of the year......

I have been decadent this weekend. I have gone on a major shopping binge. We (my husband and I) don't buy each other xmas presents, or birthday presents anymore. We wait...and wait....for tax return time. We always make sure our daughters have a fantastic xmas, but we about that time we begin plotting our "binge". We are good and frugal, all the year round. But in late January we give in and just spend, I like to look at it as helping the economy (I know....I am rationalizing bad behavior away.)I am looking forward to my internet purchases the most, I love getting packages. I have 5 coming, Torrid, Avenue, SWAK (thanks Bombshell for the tip),Yours clothing from the UK, and Old Navy. Lots of great deals, and coupons were sent to me via email offers, and I have been filling my virtual shopping carts at these sites for months. I also got some new unmentionables at my local Avenue store, nothing like new from the bottom up.

But our major purchases this year have been a new gas stove, washer and dryer. The stove we have is functional, and it is about 4 years old. But it was the cheapest gas stove we could find at the time, and now we have the ability to step it up a bit. Granted we still can't afford a Viking, but this is going to be a bit more study and has some extras that will come in handy. For instance, it has a warming drawer, that can be controlled with a temp dial. It also has 5 burners, the middle one being long and oblong, and it has a griddle insert. The washing machine is not a front load, which we looked at, but disregarded, as I hate the idea of paying for the pedestal, and it wouldn't work in our laundry room anyway. The washer does not have an agitator, and is basically like a front load, on loads on top like the traditional washers of yesteryear. The dryer has a cool feature, it has a sweater drying rack, which will be great for drying my daughters Chucks, and of course my sweaters.

We got to eat out alot this weekend too, which was a great treat for us. we have spent our wad, and we are saving the rest for our rainy day account. Oh yeah, I didn't mention I got a new lap top. So now that I am finally not sharing my computer with three other people, I am hoping that blogging, and maybe in the future vlogging will be easier. I am putzzing around with my webcam, and I hope to give a review of my new purchases that are currently being routed to me now. Especially the Yours stuff and Old Navy stuff. The Yours because of the british sizing difference and the Old Navy because the reviews on their site always make me think that their stuff is really iffy, the shirts being too thin is a common complaint. I showed my thirteen year old and she approved of everything, which made me feel good, as she has a good eye, and especially a good eye for clothes on me.

So this is my favorite time of year.....thank you Uncle Sam.

Monday, January 24, 2011

“Pay It Forward 2011…. I promise to make something handmade for the first five people who comment. They must in turn post this and make something for the first five who comment. The rules are it has to be handmade by you, and they must receive it before 2011 ends.

Want to join in?

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Meows

Ok...this has nothing to do with clothes or fat, or diet, or anything, except my cats.

I woke up this morning with scratches everywhere. While I would like you to think I had a particular frisky night with the hubby, that was not the case. I can only attribute it to my cats. My one cat in particular because she has all of her claws, and some extra ones to boot.

Tula Lula Belle, as I call her, but her name is just Tula. She is fluffy white poly-dactyl cat with a racoon's tail, and some smudges on her face. We got her at the pound on xmas eve about 4 years ago. We had wanted a kitten, but all of the kittens were in little rooms getting adopted by other people. We went back and forth trying to find a cat in the other pens, but none of them sang to me. Then I spotted Tula (she had another name at the time, I can't remember it). She was facing the wrong way and her tail was tucked up underneath her, but I just knew I wanted to meet her. The other little meet and greet rooms were all taken. We were escorted into the office of the animal shelter manager, and we waited. Soon they brought her in, and that is when I noticed her tail. She was like a racoon and a cat got married. When they handed her to me she started to purr, I mean really PURR, and my husband said "well I know who is coming home with us". She is wonderful cat, and because of her being poly-dactyl we decided not to get her declawed. I love her to pieces. Except when she decides she needs to be my cat hat when I am sleeping, or comes up in the middle of the and announces her presence by purring (LOUDLY) in our ears. I suspect she did that last night, and Jaded J (my hubby) helped her take a trip off of the bed, resulting in my scratches.

Pablo is our second cat. Also from the pound, after our experiment with having a dog went awry, we got him. My oldest daughter picked him out, he was about 3 months old. I thought at the time he was the ugliest cat, he was orange and white which is my favorite combo for cat, but I thought he had a weird face. But my daughter had the final say, and honestly he has fit into our unique family beautifully. Pablo has many quirks. He likes to chase potatoes, and roll them down the stairs. If the potato happens to be a small one, he will carry it back up, if it is not he simply goes back upstairs and gets a new one and starts over again. He also loves to carry around my daughters old pair of Crocs. She was small at the time so they aren't huge, but he can't resist those shoes. He snuggles them, bites thems, thumps them, and wrestles them. We call him Pablo the Potato hunter. He also has a way of laying down, he just flops on you, looks at you, starts to purr and demands to be loved. He is very opinionated ....kinda like Jaded J.

So there you have it Tula Lula Belle, and Pablo the Potato hunter. Both are my kitty kitty kitties in the city (something I sing to them, don't ask.)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Exercise sucks.....

Today I went the first time with Lindsay to the gym. I hate working out. I really really do, but....I liked being with Lindsay as she made time go by faster, she was supportive and positive. I didn't feel like I was being stared at, and it was probably the best gym experience I have ever had. So I will try again tomorrow, because I know that eventually I will like the results, and being a fat amporhus blob is no longer an option. Hello, diabetes?

I got my invite today for joining the metabolic weight loss group at work, and I am going to go. I may learn some things, and I find that when my work week is broken up I am less inclined to call in sick. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, and I just need a day to regroup. I have never felt like that in a job before, and I think it is because I feel the pressure of knowing that I HAVE to keep my job. For the income, for the insurance, it makes me feel boxed in. I need reasons to get up, so I am hoping for a few months that my class will make this easier.

On other news, I felt cute today with my outfit. Black tights a dress from Lucie Lu and a black cardigan, and my 1940's inspired heels. I stopped wearing dresses because I didn't like the chub rub, but I think I have finally got a handle on that, and I feel so much more feminine in a dress.

I am starting to like myself a little bit more. My husband is being so supportive about my journey, I truly have my soul mate. Anyway, exercise sucks...but it may get better.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The moment I saw this dress on Lucie Lu's website I had to have it. I mean instant unadulterated love. I got some xmas money from lovely brother in law and so I bought this with the Instant sleeves.

I got the dress, and in person it is lovely. A few things.....
  1. The middle band is stretchy elastic, and it got really hot when I wore it, It is non breathable material.
  2. The top for me was too large in the armpit area, but it fit my bust perfectly, so ....I guess I should have it altered.
  3. I tried the instant sleeves, and they didn't work for me. They fell back on my shoulders, exposing the top of my arms, and my bra. So I sent them back. I ended up getting a little cotton cardigan from Avenue and it is precious with it. It eliminated the need for a strapless bra, and getting the dressed altered.
I wore this dress to the office, because I never really go to parties, and it was not TOO over the top dressy with the cardigan, tights and mary jane heeled shoes I wore with it. I got a ton of compliments on the dress.

For those wondering, the underneath material is very fluid, not stiff, so it moves with the lace over skirt when you walk. The lace is also VERY soft, not stiff. I felt so pretty that day when I wore it. It is one of the few times that I thought ha ha regular size girls this dress is not in your size. Truly it is that pretty. I will try to get over being camera shy at some point, and post a picture of me in it. If you want to get your own beautiful dress, which by the way comes in a sapphire blue, a ivory color and the wine color shown above, press the link below. I have bought a lot recently from Lucie and everything has exceeded my expectations. I will post my review on my other items later.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Next Blog

How did I my blog get placed by other blogs about sexual fetishes?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Much Done today.......

I got so much done today with my fantastic family! We got the house cleaned, did laundry, put away xmas stuff. Everything feels so much better. Cleaner...a fresh start.

I even got my toenails painted. I did a sparkly cherry red polish from Avon called Cherry Jubilee, but then took it to another level by adding my newly acquired, from the discount bin at Sally's Mrs Claus!!! It it like a glitter bomb went off on my toes. I LOVE IT! No one will see it but my kids and husband, as this is not exactly open toe weather, which is the only down side.

Monday I am going to try a food journal. I really want to change to my attitude about food and how I use it to comfort myself. I like to cook, and bake, but I realized that tonight I get more satisfaction from watching other people enjoy it. I over eat because it is a cheap way to self medicate. I also don't cook much right now, because I am usually so tired when I come from work, all I want to do is just veg! My husband is gracious enough to cook almost every night, and god love him he doesn't complain.

Monday at my doctors appointment I am going to mention that my energy level seems even lower than usual. I am supposed to start exercising with Lindsay this week, trying for a goal of 3 half hour sessions per week right now. Unfortunately we have a doctors appointments 4 days out of 5, so I won't get to start until Friday.

Jeans Avenue
T shirt (from god knows where)