Friday, February 25, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls.....Snow.

Today it snowed, again. Yeah. (Sarcasm)

I took the day off from the work to get our brakes done on the van, unfortunately our mechanics wife was in the hospital, so our brakes will have to be done another day.

Then the snow started.

So I made these cinnamon rolls. They make a ton....but I felt like eating a ton, so it all worked out. Seriously these are delicious, and fairly easy.

My outfit tree is currently surrounded by the white stuff, so my new outfits will have to wait. *SIGH*


Anonymous said...

Georgia, don't you know how craving inducing it is to blog about cinnamon rolls??? OMG, I could so eat half a pan of those bad boys and wash them down with a jug of milk! I must stiffle this craving...I must stiffle this craving...:)

Mama Pants said...

I ended up freezing two pans, because I could feel my arteries clogging, butter you know?