Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mr Darciest of them all...


How do I love thee???? My favorite Mr. Darcy?

I am so excited that Colin won the Oscar last night, he has been my favorite since the A & E Pride & Prejudice miniseries came out. He was the perfect Mr. Darcy. Oh to be Elizabeth.

Anyway, had to spread some Colin Firth love.......

Jaded will always be my one and only. Now, if only you would wear tight pants, and ride a horse.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Dreaming

Spring Dreaming
Can you tell I have some spring fever? Most of this stuff is baby pink, and that has to be one of the all time worst colors on me, but every spring I fall in love with it. I can wear pink eyeshadow until the cows come home, and it is very flattering, but pink clothing washes me out. I also love the color peach, that color too is hideous on me. I bought a peach prom dress once, that was disaster. Anyway, I am ready for flowers, and pastels. How about you?
Spring Dreaming by meowfish on

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls.....Snow.

Today it snowed, again. Yeah. (Sarcasm)

I took the day off from the work to get our brakes done on the van, unfortunately our mechanics wife was in the hospital, so our brakes will have to be done another day.

Then the snow started.

So I made these cinnamon rolls. They make a ton....but I felt like eating a ton, so it all worked out. Seriously these are delicious, and fairly easy.

My outfit tree is currently surrounded by the white stuff, so my new outfits will have to wait. *SIGH*

Monday, February 21, 2011

Extant Clothing......

I think it is obvious that I like clothes. Even when I was little, nothing made me happier than a new dress. One of my moms favorite stories is when I started Kindergarten I had a new outfit for everyday the first week. Apparently I thought I was going to get a new wardrobe every week, and I kept asking where my new dress's were the next week, after the first week, school had lost it's appeal.
I worked in a small clothing boutique during my college years, and even though we mostly catered to little old ladies, I even enjoyed dressing them in the polyester they craved. I could have worked that job forever, but the pay was dismal, and well I had a degree now so....I thought I needed to use it. Somehow that landed me in a banking job, which was the worst job experience of my life, and how my history degree translated into banking is still beyond me. I have digressed....
My love of clothing goes beyond the things in my own closet. I have always been interested in clothing from earlier time periods. My favorite time periods have to be the Georgian and the Regency periods. The Georgian clothing was all about flash, decoration, excess,tafatas,brocades,furs. The Regency was about minimalism, Greek and Roman inspiration. Slim column dresses, empire waists, light colors and muslins. I also love to look at more recent "vintage" 1930's, 1940's and 1950's are favorites, hence the girls in my header. Anyway while I appreciate people who can recreate the dress's from the earlier time periods (especially because I can't sew), I am always more interested in looking at things created in their own time period. Can you imagine making a dress for someone like Marie Antoinette, the amount of time it would have taken, no sewing machine, tons of fabrics, and the details?
I use Google to look up extant clothing from different time periods. I like looking at the undergarments as much as the over ones, reading how to get dressed in these items. Last year when Princess Di's famous black evening gown was sold at auction, I was curious about it. I went to the website that was hosting the auction along with other Di clothing memorabilia. They had the muslin prototypes of her wedding dress, her engagement blouse, etc. What even excited me more was that they LOTS of extant clothing from all different eras. I was in heaven, because they take decent pictures, and go into decent detail about the products. I joined their mailing list because I could spend hours going over their goods, and I just got my email today for their next auction. If you want to look at some exquisite pieces then go here Kerry Taylor Auctions. They are selling the dress that Kate Middleton wore at a charity modeling show, I thought it was ugly...but I am sure it will be worth a lot to someone!

Simple and Classic......

Dress is at all times a frivolous distinction, and excessive solicitude about it often destroys its own aim.
Jane Austen

Today nothing cried out to me to be worn. So I put on a trusted black sweater, with grey skirt. WA LA! Instant comfy outfit. I usually wear my black and grey scarf with this, but decided today to break out the pearls. The other two pictures are my youngest daughter, she photographs so much better than me! Anyway...not much new to report in my world.

Skirt & Sweater & Tights: Avenue
Pearl necklaces: Mom
Shoes: Mootsie Tootsies

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last night my daughters and I went on a late night shopping trip to a local antique store. We weren't looking for anything in particular, just wanted to look around, and we were stir crazy! My youngest daughter found a beautiful non vintage ring with a citrine stone in it. My oldest daughter who was in up most despair of finding something, found herself a Beatles book. I found the purse below. It was tucked behind something else, and I found it, bonus it was 15% off!

My outfit today was not inspired by anything, but seemed to have a nautical theme once I looked at the pictures. My shoes I assume would very un sailor like or pirate like as they consisted of sequins, LOL! The breakdown is as follows:

Lace Cami- Lane Bryant
Pants-Avenue (bought off of eBay)

Today my oldest daughter and I went to some antique store downtown. The first shop we went to was a jewelry lovers paradise! It had beautiful pieces, mostly vintage. I am putting myself on a strict budget for the next couple of months, so I have to REALLY love something before I buy it. I can normally justify any purchase, but I am (starting today) trying to be more budget minded. I have my ears pierced, but can no longer wear earrings due to any allergy. I have had shopping for clip ons on my mental list for awhile, and we found 3 pairs that each cost a dollar. I went up to pay, I only had my credit card with me, which I know can cost a merchant a lot if they use it. I asked if I could purchase them with my card, and I would have totally understood if they said "no". The guy instead of making me pay or putting them back let me have the earrings! I felt so bad about this, as I know they are there trying to make a living. I insisted that this was not necessary. The nice gentleman and his wife stated that I just needed to come back in the future and buy other things, and that this was my valentines gift from them!!! So I am going to give them an official shout out, if you are in Lincoln, NE and you need some antique or vintage items please go to Burlington Antique Mall in the Haymarket. I guess they also have some eBay listings, so if you can't get here, let them ship to you!
All in all this was a great weekend!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thrift Find......

I went a thrifting today, and I actually found something. I got a red stateen blouse by Lane Bryant. It has the darting in the front and back, so it is bit fitted and amazingly the 22/24 fit. I am surprised because my girls usually make that size impossible. I have a black houndstooth skirt I am going to try it with, and my new belt from Torrid.

Jaded J and I also found a 1950's Formica table that is mint green. We are hoping to trade an art deco chest that we no longer use for the table. Still waiting to get an email back on that, stayed tuned.

Friday, February 18, 2011

If I were a mermaid.......

If I had a reason to wear a swimsuit, and I enjoyed such activities, this is the one I would buy....

As a friend at work said, it has ruching, it hides things, but flatters other things. It is elegant, without being too suggestive. The best words to describe it is perhaps "lady like". I could actually swim in this suit without worrying that bits and pieces were revealing themselves during the exercise.

The brand is Esther Williams Swimsuits. In plus size she has this suit, a regular tank suit, and an a-line swim dress. The fabric choices are many, my favorites are the dots and the cherry prints. Esther should know about swimsuits as she was America's favorite mermaid in the 40's & 50"s. So here is to a great swimsuit and Hollywood glamor.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Early bird gets the cardigan?????

So doing my usual cruise through my clothing sites, and Torrid has started a super clearance sale. I get email updates from them, but I didn't get one on!!!!! Anyway I am at work, looking at the site between calls, and I found 2 cute cardi's for $4.99! I have been watching them on the website for awhile, hoping that they would get marked down a bit more. They did, but then all hell broke loose at work, and I couldn't place an order.

Fast forward: I am home,had to deal with some in home crisis so I couldn't get back on the website until an hour ago......THEY WERE GONE!!!!!!Gone I tell you GONE! So I found a couple of things in the $9.99 part of the sale, placed them in my cart, and then had to deal with another issue for my husband. I go to place my order and one of them was sold out...WAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I did find a substitute for the one that was so rudely taken away from me. I also placed the order for the oh so cute shoes I was talking about last night, and a green and cream cami from the new collection.

So my advice to early and don't wait at the Torrid clearance sale!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuk Shoes

Yesterday I was cruising the Torrid website, and took a detour to the shoes section. Normally I bypass their heals because I can't walk in a skinny heeled shoe, and if it is much about 3" I would trip. But lo and behold, there were a pair of black & white mary jane oxford heels that were/are screaming my name. They have nice sensible stacked heel, and are of a good height. So can go look at them here.

The brand Tuk was not one I had heard of before, so I did my google search and found out that they actually have their own website. I think I found a little piece of shoe heaven. Some of the shoes are too goth, or too high, but the mary jane selection was awesome. I have found lots of shoes that I would like to have, but I thought a good trial run would be this pair of shoes above. They were only $7.50, that's right seven dollars and 50 cents. Actually the shipping was more than the shoes. I thought for seven bucks I could try them, get a feel for the quality, fit, etc. I know that the shoes above are a bit funky, and probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I like fun things, and I thought they would be adorable with my boyfriend jeans, and red t-shirt. So, anyway you should check out their site, and really look around, as I said some of it is very goth, or punk, but I see potential for a lot of their stuff for a non conservative office, and maybe even a conservative office with the right outfit.

Go to the TUK site here.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My heart bleeds red....

I have worn this dress three times before, and could never quite get the outfit right. I think today I did. I got lots of compliments on the dress, which was really nice.

Dress:Lucie Lu Soft knit material, supposed to be a denim, definitely denim color, not typical denim fabric.

Sweater: Torrid This is the sweater that I wish I had ordered a smaller size in, and it seemed to grow as the day went on, especially the sleeves.

Shoes: Mootsie Tootsies from Famous Footwear two years ago.

Tights: This year from Avenue.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My First OOTD.....

My darling daughter took my pictures today. I didn't know what to do with my arms, or legs, or head. I felt goofy. But, I am overcoming a major hurdle of looking at myself, and I hope you like what I wore.

Dress:Target From 2 or so years ago, I only paid $7.00 for it on clearance!

Shoes:Clarks Bought last year at Dillard's for $17.00, can you tell I love a bargain?????

Jacket:Yours Bought this year, on sale, and it fit perfectly! My favorite part is that it can be tied, so it doesn't always fall back.

Tights: Avenue

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day & 39th Birthday

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday. And while 40 is knocking, I am quite content to let it come right in, no fear. I had a really hard time with my 29th birthday, I felt at odds with where I thought I should have been, that year made me grow up. Without going into details, my 29th year was with out a doubt the hardest of my life. Luckily I heeded the warnings, I pulled myself up and I carried on, not without a lot of help from my Jaded J. So now 10 years later, I can look back and say "phew", and "thank you", and "I love you more".

This post was going to be about what to wear, but I like where it went instead. To my beloved husband, you make every day easy, and I have never felt so loved.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweeney Todd Red.....

My oldest daughter watched the ulitmate Valentine's movie tonight. Sweeney Todd! We both had seen it before, but it was fun to sing along with Mr. Depp. I was shopping on the computer (as always), when my Jaded J gave me the go ahead to get my new dress from Lucie Lu. He does have a way of spoiling me! He also got me a lovely box of chocolates and a cyclamen plant for my birthday, which is also on Valentines day. This is the dress I ended up getting, and I also bought this belt from Torrid.

The dress I thought would have many ways of wearing it (thank you for the inspiration Bombshell Beauty, see her Top 10 List post) I also thought it would allow me to get two goals completed in one purchase. The dress needs a belt, so it coerced into buying the one from Torrid, which would allow me to belt other outfits as well. My other goal is try to wear something sleeveless this summer. I have never liked my upper arms, not the shape necessairly but I have Keratosis Pilaris, also know as chicken skin, and I am self conscious of it. Embracing all of my perceived flaws is my goal, so my arms shall see the sun this summer. Maybe.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Darn you Lucie Lu....!

More pretties posted today and some things that I want that have gone on sale. Jaded J is unmoved. I have asked, I have pretended to already buy them, begged, pouted, nothing works. WAHHHHHHH!!!!! Here are some of things I like....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Size problem?

I recently ordered a ton of clothes (as you know). I have a problems with my ordering and my regular shopping, and that is I always go to the biggest size possible. I am very self conscious of my weight being displayed in overly tight clothing. I somtimes do need the largest size because my boobs make it impossible to go any smaller. What I am finding through my self acceptance journey is that I have trouble distinguishing between too loose and too tight. For example my new Red Torrid sweater I bought in a size 5, and it fit, but probably could have been smaller. I look at the pictures from the website, and mine definately doesn't hug my body like the models. I am so afraid of looking ridiculous, or trying to dress to young for my age. But....I also don't want to be frumpy.

Another hang up I have with clothing is that I hate trying things on to find out that they are too small. I makes me feel like I have failed, and then I get depressed. My solution has been to buy the biggest size and that way I know it will fit, no instant guilt for getting "too" big. I really study the other blogs I follow, and those ladies look so nice and put together. Rarely do I think that outfit is too small or unflattering, but I know if I put it on my body that I would be pulling and tugging and trying to find a way to hide myself better. Perhaps that is it, I feel like I should hide, because I don't look as good as the other people I work with in terms of being trim and body beautiful.

How do I overcome this issue? How do I find classic and sleek, from tight or frumpy?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My First Vlog...and new Header

The sound and picture are not in synch!!!! I will work on that.....sorry everyone.

Well I thought I would try out my webcam on my new computer tonight. I had a great reason to I got my shoes from Schuh!!!!! God, if I could love a pair of shoes these would be it (until I get a new pair, which will make equally happy). My husband asked me if I was going to take them off so I could admire them all day, it was a thought....

Also my lovely Jaded J made me a new header for my blog. The man is a graphics genius, and it is everything I wish I could have done on my own. I gave him the pictures, and he created the masterpiece. I am very blessed to have him.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things that I wish were in my size

I wish that they made old fashioned lingerie in my size. I love the look and feel of vintage intimates. They aren't cut too high, they have room to wiggle in, they are silky and lacy. They come in colors that are pale like ice creams. They look like they are made for women, not for porn stars. I would not feel ridiculous in those garments. I have been thin before, and even then current lingerie made me feel self conscious. I want to feel feminine, not slutty. This is when I wish I could sew, because I in my mind I have some fabulous designs.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Strolling the Avenue

Some more of my new lovelies arrived today. I came home from work with a migraine, so I haven't had time to enjoy them until now. Thank goodness for excederin migraine, and dark rooms, and sleep. Anyway my new children came from Avenue. Avenue is probably my favorite bricks and mortar store in my town. The clerks here are awesome, they know me, and everything is very laid back. Sometimes if I can't get the size in my store I will do an online order. This time, I wanted the boots which were actually from their sister site Jessica London, and then I found some other great bargains in the clearance section, and I also had a 30% coupon.

The boots I got are grey, not the turquoise color in the picture. I liked them even better in person, super soft, and the grey is a nice medium steel grey color. I think have mentioned this before, but my favorite color is grey. Dark, light, heathered. I LOVE GREY!

The tops were cute, and not a weird length. I have bought cami's in the past from Avenue and usually they are too short, or too tight. These were neither...yeah!

The jacket is so cute in person, I see lots of potential for this item. Nice dark color, and I am into the military look, so this totally fit the bill.

I love getting packages......

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Self Challenge

I am going to try wearing a belt and defining my waist this month. I am self conscious of my apron of fat, and my big butt. I see other bloggers who wear them, and they look great, I just need to take the plunge. This has to be part of my self acceptance. Now where to buy a belt? Ideas?