Sunday, April 24, 2011

Colorful Memories

The video is of our Easter weekend. The date on the video is completely wrong....sorry got so caught up doing this for the first time, I didn't proof read it.

The colored bubbles were very fun, but extremely messy!!!!!!! And dying easter eggs was also fun, and surprisingly less messy. Easter is always low key at our house, and I really enjoy that.

Hope you enjoy the video!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can you be friends at work?

Have you ever met a person, and just knew that they are going to be a good friend? That you could trust them? That no matter how serious or disgusting your secret is, they would get it, and not judge? I met one those people about 3 years ago, at work.


We have a 10 year age difference. I am old, she is young. We have different points of reference, she is a farm girl, I have always lived in a city. But...we click.

Her sense of humor is wicked and naughty. She has beautiful brown eyes that dance when she is being mischievous (which is often). She laughs, and can find the humor in most circumstances. She smiles, a lot.

She is practical. She is determined, and strong. Her devotion to her family is inspiring, especially her commitment to raise her boys as sensitive strong men. She loves her husband without reserve. She is also has a dedication to her Czech heritage that I think is really cool, and is passing that on to her sons.

I think that the best part about our friendship is that she listens, and asks lots questions. Sometimes I feel like I monopolize the conversation, because she has a way of bringing things out that I wouldn't normally share. Sometimes our schedules don't work out for eating lunch together, and that is hard, as I really need my Lindsay time. I need to have a laugh.

She can be an absolute imp, but I love the playfulness. I believe that God puts people in your life for specific reasons, and I know that Lindsay was my gift at work, because sometimes it can be overwhelming there.

So my Lindsay Lou have made a big impression, but I can't imagine life without you. Thank you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Eshakti Wish List....

This dress is complete whimsy for me, for a number of reasons. The color is all wrong for my complexion. The neckline is too deep. It is sleeveless. It would probably make my bottom look bigger than it really appears. That being said, I love it. It is fun, and unusual. I wouldn't have any place to wear it, so it makes a nice wish list dress. I can it wear it in my dreams, and have it all magically fit and be flattering.
This dress struck me because of the sweetheart neckline, and it has been a long time since I had anything with that type of neckline, it tends to be universally flattering. I like the dark color, I can see it being great for the office, but also going out to dinner or social event that needs to be dressy. I can totally see this with a pearl choker, and black peep toe heels.
This dress is sweet and demure. I am not sure if it would work on me personally as I think my bust is too big for a neckline like that, and I am sure it would bulge in a ugly manner. But I like the khaki color with the light contrast stitching.
I like this dress because of the print, and the zipper detailing on the waist. If I were to buy this I would actually get it in the sea green and black combo. But I also like the violet and black.
I really like this dress because is it is colorful, and fun! It also has the vintage asethic that I have been going after lately.
I have been lusting for yellow lately. I really want a pair of mustard yellow shoes for next fall. I have found a couple of pairs that are really cute, but the heel was ridiculously high. I am thinking that yellow is not the most flattering color on me, but I want it none the less.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Transplant Thoughts

I have been thinking hard about the transplant that Joan received last week. I am so grateful that she was able to get the liver in time. I also feel an infinite sadness for the family who lost someone so Joan could live.

Joan and I discussed this when we found out that she needed the transplant. I think she was conlicted about it, I would be too. For me the conflict would be, could I live a worthy enough life after the transplant to deserve it? I don't know Joan's reasons of doubt, as she keeps everything close to her heart, but perhaps she has/had the same fear. I know that the person who gave Joan her liver did not die by choice, but for them to think beyond their death was altruism at its best. We will never know why the person who signed the donation card decided to do it in the first place. In fact, it seems we will never know anything at all about the person, as these things are kept private.

The donor family will never know Joan. I hope that they are finding some solace that their loved one is helping another family not deal with a death. If I could say thank you, I would a thousand times. Joan has always made the most of her life, and I know that with this second chance she will continue to do so. So even if she fears she is not worthy of this chance at life, I know undoubtedly that she is someone that has much more to give.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tentatively.....OH HAPPY DAY!

I have had one of those weeks, that I hope will not be repeated in LONG time. The stress level has been off the charts, and my emotions have been back forth too many times to count.

I really thought that I had seen Joan for the last time. She took a turn for the worse last weekend, and just couldn't come back from the trauma. We found out on Tuesday that her new liver was failing, and she was going to be put back on the transplant list. Thursday she was really doing badly, and quite honestly I didn't know if she would make it. Then, nothing short of a miracle happened. They found her a liver and she received it yesterday morning. It was one month to the date from the first transplant. I have spoken with Jack numerous times since she came out of surgery, and everything is going well, dare I say really well? Her real color is coming back, her body chemistry is working. The doctors have warned that this is still going to be an uphill battle for her, because her body has gone through so much, and her stamina needs to be built up. Joan as of today is doing better. Even a little better is glorious to the ears. They are talking about getting her up and walking maybe by Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you for the support that everyone has given me. I am sure that we will face more dark days, but hopefully with setbacks that can be taken care of quickly. I have a lot more that I want to write about this, but I wanted everyone to know the update, as it was finally good news.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cats In Happy Land!

So the weather here in Nebraska has once again turned. Now today it is once again beautiful, and no wind. The cats have decided that they own the window sills. The white fluffy one is my Tula baby. The orange & white is Pablo, the potato hunter. Both are getting so fat that their bellies over flow the windows.

Monday, April 4, 2011

All for the love of the game....translation all for the love of my child.

I am not sure if everyone is aware, but Nebraska is a windy place. I MEAN WINDY!!!! Yesterday we started out in the mid 70's in about 2 hours it dropped to about 50. Brrrrr! All because of the wind. The wind howled and moaned, the trees danced and bobbed, my windows shook. It was windy all day long. I was late to work today so I threw on a trusty knit dress and cardigan and out the door I went with no tights or socks on. The no tights thing was fine at work, because it is usually kinda warm in my office. I was not planning ahead very well however, and I forgot about my youngest soccer game. Normally I would have time to go home and change, but today I stayed late to make up my time, and to get some extra work done.

So off I trotted to the soccer game with only a knit dress, and light cardigan. Can we say brrrrr chilly willy wing wong??? I froze my arse off. My lovely Jaded J brought me socks, and luckily we had a blanket in the car. By the end of her game my hands were frozen, my legs were icicles, and my nose was on constant drip mode. But, it was all worth it to watch her run and shout and block and kick. She is free out on the field. The child was born to run.

Sports and I have a bad relationship as my eye hand coordination is lacking, and I generally sucked at everything I tried. But my darling Sara, she was born with Jaded J's grace and abilities. I am surprised at how much I enjoy rooting her on at the games. I really hope that next game is bit warmer though!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everyone had a great day....

Today was just beautiful here. The weather brought everyone out of their houses. I know for me that it helped my attitude too! I have been down lately, and the better weather was a much needed upper.

My windows are open as I write this, and I can hear my youngest playing on the front stoop. She is playing "puppies", what we nicknamed the Littlest Pet Shop dolls/pets. I love to hear her play, and have her make up the conversations. The cats have been in the windows all day, sniffing the spring air, and telling off the squirrels. We went to the park and had an ice cream cone. Tonight we are having our first steak on the grill. Can you say paradise?

I hope that every one else had the same kind of day. The weekends always go too fast.

Quick Joan update: I went to see her on Friday after work. She looked the same to me, very yellow, and was kind out of it. But...they did find a hole in her liver that was causing the bile to pool in a stomach cavity. Upshot, they are draining the hole now with a device that comes out of her body, but the hope is that they now know what is wrong and are making small steps to improve her condition and she will slowly start to get better. So we are all cautiously optimistic. The good news is that her liver is not rejecting, and is growing A LOT!