Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last night my daughters and I went on a late night shopping trip to a local antique store. We weren't looking for anything in particular, just wanted to look around, and we were stir crazy! My youngest daughter found a beautiful non vintage ring with a citrine stone in it. My oldest daughter who was in up most despair of finding something, found herself a Beatles book. I found the purse below. It was tucked behind something else, and I found it, bonus it was 15% off!

My outfit today was not inspired by anything, but seemed to have a nautical theme once I looked at the pictures. My shoes I assume would very un sailor like or pirate like as they consisted of sequins, LOL! The breakdown is as follows:

Lace Cami- Lane Bryant
Pants-Avenue (bought off of eBay)

Today my oldest daughter and I went to some antique store downtown. The first shop we went to was a jewelry lovers paradise! It had beautiful pieces, mostly vintage. I am putting myself on a strict budget for the next couple of months, so I have to REALLY love something before I buy it. I can normally justify any purchase, but I am (starting today) trying to be more budget minded. I have my ears pierced, but can no longer wear earrings due to any allergy. I have had shopping for clip ons on my mental list for awhile, and we found 3 pairs that each cost a dollar. I went up to pay, I only had my credit card with me, which I know can cost a merchant a lot if they use it. I asked if I could purchase them with my card, and I would have totally understood if they said "no". The guy instead of making me pay or putting them back let me have the earrings! I felt so bad about this, as I know they are there trying to make a living. I insisted that this was not necessary. The nice gentleman and his wife stated that I just needed to come back in the future and buy other things, and that this was my valentines gift from them!!! So I am going to give them an official shout out, if you are in Lincoln, NE and you need some antique or vintage items please go to Burlington Antique Mall in the Haymarket. I guess they also have some eBay listings, so if you can't get here, let them ship to you!
All in all this was a great weekend!


Minx's Den said...

I have been at the burlington antique mall, and just love it, I was also in haymarket yesterday with the hubs riding bikes and grabbing lunch at buzzard billy's (have you ever been there?) love that place! I go antiquing quite frequently, you have such great and flattering taste! I also have to wear plus sizes (my "ladies" are on the bigger side) hahaha! and you take such great pictures!

Mama Pants said...

I love to go antiquing as well! I have not had the pleasure of eating at Buzzard Billy's, putting it on a to do list. Thank you for the compliment, that is always nice to hear.By the way your hair was super cute in the last post you did....!!!!