Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuk Shoes

Yesterday I was cruising the Torrid website, and took a detour to the shoes section. Normally I bypass their heals because I can't walk in a skinny heeled shoe, and if it is much about 3" I would trip. But lo and behold, there were a pair of black & white mary jane oxford heels that were/are screaming my name. They have nice sensible stacked heel, and are of a good height. So can go look at them here.

The brand Tuk was not one I had heard of before, so I did my google search and found out that they actually have their own website. I think I found a little piece of shoe heaven. Some of the shoes are too goth, or too high, but the mary jane selection was awesome. I have found lots of shoes that I would like to have, but I thought a good trial run would be this pair of shoes above. They were only $7.50, that's right seven dollars and 50 cents. Actually the shipping was more than the shoes. I thought for seven bucks I could try them, get a feel for the quality, fit, etc. I know that the shoes above are a bit funky, and probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I like fun things, and I thought they would be adorable with my boyfriend jeans, and red t-shirt. So, anyway you should check out their site, and really look around, as I said some of it is very goth, or punk, but I see potential for a lot of their stuff for a non conservative office, and maybe even a conservative office with the right outfit.

Go to the TUK site here.....


jadedj said...

Istanbul used to be Constantinople...just saying.

jadedj said...

Er...nevermind. I thought it said TURK.