Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things that I wish were in my size

I wish that they made old fashioned lingerie in my size. I love the look and feel of vintage intimates. They aren't cut too high, they have room to wiggle in, they are silky and lacy. They come in colors that are pale like ice creams. They look like they are made for women, not for porn stars. I would not feel ridiculous in those garments. I have been thin before, and even then current lingerie made me feel self conscious. I want to feel feminine, not slutty. This is when I wish I could sew, because I in my mind I have some fabulous designs.


Anonymous said...

These remind me of the beautiful sexy and feminine lingerie my mom used to own back in the early 70's. I was about six at the time and totally mesmerized at the satiny fabric. I too wish for items like these that would accommodate the size of my hips!

Mama Pants said...

I know my hips and butt are a problem area for me too.