Thursday, February 10, 2011

Size problem?

I recently ordered a ton of clothes (as you know). I have a problems with my ordering and my regular shopping, and that is I always go to the biggest size possible. I am very self conscious of my weight being displayed in overly tight clothing. I somtimes do need the largest size because my boobs make it impossible to go any smaller. What I am finding through my self acceptance journey is that I have trouble distinguishing between too loose and too tight. For example my new Red Torrid sweater I bought in a size 5, and it fit, but probably could have been smaller. I look at the pictures from the website, and mine definately doesn't hug my body like the models. I am so afraid of looking ridiculous, or trying to dress to young for my age. But....I also don't want to be frumpy.

Another hang up I have with clothing is that I hate trying things on to find out that they are too small. I makes me feel like I have failed, and then I get depressed. My solution has been to buy the biggest size and that way I know it will fit, no instant guilt for getting "too" big. I really study the other blogs I follow, and those ladies look so nice and put together. Rarely do I think that outfit is too small or unflattering, but I know if I put it on my body that I would be pulling and tugging and trying to find a way to hide myself better. Perhaps that is it, I feel like I should hide, because I don't look as good as the other people I work with in terms of being trim and body beautiful.

How do I overcome this issue? How do I find classic and sleek, from tight or frumpy?


Anonymous said...

This is a tough post. I've never been one to buy the largest size (unless it actually WAS my size), but I have been one to buy something that's too small, just because I want to prove that I can buy it. How we view ourselves and our bodies is a hard discussion, but one you've obviously given time to think about. It's hard to judge sizing on internet sites, so sometimes trying out different sizes needs to happen in store. Try on multiple sizes, and try your best to not feel bad if it's a size other than what you had in mind. I have a tough time with this, too, but I know how I want the garment to look, and I need to try it. It's a-whole-nother issue to try and feel like you look GOOD in the item. Taking pictures of my self -full body- has helped me get used to the image of my own body. Even if you don't post it on the internet, you can view it and become accustomed to how you look. It's amazing how much we don't even realize what we look like in certain things. Looking at other blogs has helped me realize that my body is a lot like other peoples. That has helped. I don't know if I'm answering any questions or just going off on a tangent, but I sincerely hope that you can find some satisfaction in your body, your clothes, and the way you look in them. I tell myself all of the time to be brave. Life's too short not to be.

Mama Pants said...

Thank you for the comment. I am working up to the OOTD pictures. I also need to get a full length mirror. I hate looking at myself, even when I feel pretty. My self esteem has really taken a beating, mostly self inflicted.

On a different note, I really like your blog. You always seem so put together, and confident. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I think most women if not all, have certain insecurities that make them doubt themselves even when they feel and look their best. I am able to get over mine by embracing my body for what it is, curvy and full figured. I try to keep to the size charts and whenever I do purchase a new item of clothes, like you, I make certain that it does not cling or emphasize problem areas. Sometimes ordering too big clothing can also make you look bigger than you are. I'm sure that self acceptance is something all of us have to work on and it's a daily process that only gets easier when we embrace and accept ourselves the way we are. You're on the right track, Mama Pants. Hang in there! :)

Mama Pants said...

Thank you Gypsyroxylee! I know the path is going to have obstacles, but I am ready to plow through them.

Nicole said...

It takes time. As you keep experimenting, you will find the answers to your questions. Taking photos of your outfits helps you get an idea of how things really look. It still helps me get a better idea of proportions - the mirror just doesn't cut it!

For me, as I tried different things I found my comfort zones and tastes changed.

A good place to start is taking your measurements and comparing them to the size chart of the company you are ordering from. This is just a guideline because they still tend to vary from piece to piece. Consider how it looks on the model - though they have a tendency to pin clothes on smaller models, so this can contribute to why it doesn't look similar on your body.

Take the fabric and cut into account - some things stretch, others don't or something cut loose vs. fitted.

At the top of the size chart, I usually do buy the biggest size available and did even when I was a bit smaller. I had similar problems of things being too small or too big, but once I learned certain companies run large/small, or I like my cardigans fitted (thus buy them a lot smaller), I can take that into account when I buy.

Hope that helps! Good luck!