Saturday, December 15, 2012

My heart is breaking right now. Babies were shot today.
I rarely can take time off to go eat lunch with my youngest at her elementary school, but I did today. It is so poignant to me that I saw children just like the ones that were shot with bright smiling faces, and pre Christmas excitement. Innocents who wanted to know what kind of car I would drive if I could pick any kind in the world? Would I live in a crystal castle if I could? 
No. No crystal castles for me, but a home that is rife with locks, and bars, to protect my children from disgusting psychos like the one today. 
I can’t wrap my head around this. Babies.
Children who’s Christmas program outfits will be their funeral clothes. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life revisted

While I am sure my few followers wonder where I went in the past few months, I was here just not communicating. I needed to spend some time self reflecting. I have come up with no answers, but I have felt the urge to communicate again. I still love my clothes and shoes, and I have bought some beautiful pieces this year. But I think I shop to self medicate. I love the thrill of the chase of finding the next new dress, and dreaming about it being in my closet. I love to track the packages, to know I am getting a surprise. I do this not because my nuclear family is bad, but because I feel like I am being blown around constantly by a storm of outside forces. And to purchase make me feel in control. Written 07/07/12

It is now 08/25/12. Bought another dress or two, can't remember. Still lots of outside forces whipping me about,trying to come to terms with them. Since we last talked (in November), my mother and I  became estranged and recently reconnected, relationship not repaired, but radio silence from her for awhile was a welcome respite. Work has become more tense, and I feel much less safe. Home life is blessedly wonderful despite my oldest hitting her stride in teenage angst, but even with that she mostly a spectacular young woman.

I know there is more....can't remember this morning.

A few new things:

I have become fascinated with watching the downfall of Scientology, for more information on that I would direct you to the Village Voice . This is the church that was started by L.Ron Hubbard a science fiction writer. I may write a lengthy post on this later, really it is such a lengthy subject I can't even describe it succinctly or quickly.

We adopted a new fur baby this Christmas, and we named her Rosa Bella Carmella Edith. She is black and white poly dactyl tuxedo cat. She has fit into our family quite well, despite giving Pablo cat herpes, and Tula ear mites. I guess that is what we get for adopting a farm cat, but she has been cured of all diseases, and the other two have as well.

I finally bought two dresses from Eshakti. See Above. I love them both, I bought the straight sizes, as I had heard that doing customized sizing gets wonky, and the straight size I ordered was exactly my measurements.  The green dress I added a traditional short sleeve, and I have to say that is my biggest complaint with the dress, as the sleeves are a bit tight, not so much in the circumference, but in the shoulders. The cream dress is almost perfect too, but the bust is just a smidge too tight for my liking, but I hate all tight things. I got these two as I thought I could style them easily into the fall and winter with black tights, and cardigan. My biggest issue with the company was the shipping time. It took a whole month to get the cream dress, and 3 weeks for the green. I will say this, I got a credit on my card for $17 for the shipping delay, money back is always a good way to get me back on their side. The fabrics, and details were gorgeous, and I get a TON of compliments on these two frocks when I wear them.

My new babies, they still live in their box, I am waiting on cooler weather to come so I can wear them in all their glory!!!!! I have watched these shoes for a year. I bought two other pairs of shoes trying to replace my true love in my heart, and they just didn't compare or fit. Jaded J turned a blind eye and let me buy my lovelies.

I know there is much more I want to go over......but I need to get my youngest ready for marathon birthday parties today. And wouldn't you know this has been the second driest summers on record, and TODAY it decides to finally cool off and rain, and one of the parties is a pool party.....murphy's law.