Thursday, February 17, 2011

Early bird gets the cardigan?????

So doing my usual cruise through my clothing sites, and Torrid has started a super clearance sale. I get email updates from them, but I didn't get one on!!!!! Anyway I am at work, looking at the site between calls, and I found 2 cute cardi's for $4.99! I have been watching them on the website for awhile, hoping that they would get marked down a bit more. They did, but then all hell broke loose at work, and I couldn't place an order.

Fast forward: I am home,had to deal with some in home crisis so I couldn't get back on the website until an hour ago......THEY WERE GONE!!!!!!Gone I tell you GONE! So I found a couple of things in the $9.99 part of the sale, placed them in my cart, and then had to deal with another issue for my husband. I go to place my order and one of them was sold out...WAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I did find a substitute for the one that was so rudely taken away from me. I also placed the order for the oh so cute shoes I was talking about last night, and a green and cream cami from the new collection.

So my advice to early and don't wait at the Torrid clearance sale!


jadedj said...

An Act of God. 'Ceptin, God abandoned me.

Nicole said...

Oh no!

Torrid is definitely my favorite place for stocking up on cardigans - I feel your pain.

I feel like everything I buy gets cheaper and everything I hold off on sells out... Grr!