Saturday, January 1, 2011

Much Done today.......

I got so much done today with my fantastic family! We got the house cleaned, did laundry, put away xmas stuff. Everything feels so much better. Cleaner...a fresh start.

I even got my toenails painted. I did a sparkly cherry red polish from Avon called Cherry Jubilee, but then took it to another level by adding my newly acquired, from the discount bin at Sally's Mrs Claus!!! It it like a glitter bomb went off on my toes. I LOVE IT! No one will see it but my kids and husband, as this is not exactly open toe weather, which is the only down side.

Monday I am going to try a food journal. I really want to change to my attitude about food and how I use it to comfort myself. I like to cook, and bake, but I realized that tonight I get more satisfaction from watching other people enjoy it. I over eat because it is a cheap way to self medicate. I also don't cook much right now, because I am usually so tired when I come from work, all I want to do is just veg! My husband is gracious enough to cook almost every night, and god love him he doesn't complain.

Monday at my doctors appointment I am going to mention that my energy level seems even lower than usual. I am supposed to start exercising with Lindsay this week, trying for a goal of 3 half hour sessions per week right now. Unfortunately we have a doctors appointments 4 days out of 5, so I won't get to start until Friday.

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jadedj said...

xoxox's to you, glitter toes!