Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions 2011
  1. I will start working on my self image, and try to learn to accept my self as I am, fat or not.
  2. I will go to the Gym with Lindsay three times a week, and buy some tennis shoes.
  3. When I am at the gym I will look in the mirror, and not away, and I will confront the real me, and tell myself I am still beautiful.
  4. I will write in my blog at least twice a week, and try to start a Outfit of the Day. I have some great new clothes, and I am anxious for others who are plus size to see them, so they can gauge for themselves if a brand is for them.
  5. I will buy some clothes from Evans in the UK, because I have been lusting for them for awhile.
  6. I will watch my pennies better this year, and try to reinvent my old clothes I no longer wear. I am not a sewer, but I think I have enough skills to reconstruct some of my things. First project a cute Talbots sweater that is too tight but may become wearable if I put some lace panels in it.
  7. Figure out a new hairstyle. I have been messing with color now for about a year. But my hair by the end of the day is limp and weird looking. I am a 80's child, so I have a hard time with sleek hair that lays flat. I like some pouf!!!! I just don't have the patience to mess around with it for a long time in the morning.
  8. I will keep up with the laundry.

Quick update with my health journey. I am not diabetic. I finally found a doctor that listened (really listened) and we think I have PCOS. Which I suspected for a long time but never could anyone to pay heed to me. She has done multiple blood tests to see where my hormone levels are during my cycle, and I go back to see her on Monday to get another check. I was placed on progesterone cream, and so far no side effects but also no improvement, although I am unsure what it is supposed to improve. I am looking forward to getting these things under control, most of all the excess hair on my face (so embarrassing).

Gray T shirt from Walmart (before I started to boycott them).
Jeans from Avenue
White Socks

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Bombshell Beauty said...

If you're newly diagnosed with PCOS and have questions from someone who's been there, check out Cece over on The Big Girl Blog. She's written pretty extensively about her own PCOS (and is a very cool girl).