Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Meows

Ok...this has nothing to do with clothes or fat, or diet, or anything, except my cats.

I woke up this morning with scratches everywhere. While I would like you to think I had a particular frisky night with the hubby, that was not the case. I can only attribute it to my cats. My one cat in particular because she has all of her claws, and some extra ones to boot.

Tula Lula Belle, as I call her, but her name is just Tula. She is fluffy white poly-dactyl cat with a racoon's tail, and some smudges on her face. We got her at the pound on xmas eve about 4 years ago. We had wanted a kitten, but all of the kittens were in little rooms getting adopted by other people. We went back and forth trying to find a cat in the other pens, but none of them sang to me. Then I spotted Tula (she had another name at the time, I can't remember it). She was facing the wrong way and her tail was tucked up underneath her, but I just knew I wanted to meet her. The other little meet and greet rooms were all taken. We were escorted into the office of the animal shelter manager, and we waited. Soon they brought her in, and that is when I noticed her tail. She was like a racoon and a cat got married. When they handed her to me she started to purr, I mean really PURR, and my husband said "well I know who is coming home with us". She is wonderful cat, and because of her being poly-dactyl we decided not to get her declawed. I love her to pieces. Except when she decides she needs to be my cat hat when I am sleeping, or comes up in the middle of the and announces her presence by purring (LOUDLY) in our ears. I suspect she did that last night, and Jaded J (my hubby) helped her take a trip off of the bed, resulting in my scratches.

Pablo is our second cat. Also from the pound, after our experiment with having a dog went awry, we got him. My oldest daughter picked him out, he was about 3 months old. I thought at the time he was the ugliest cat, he was orange and white which is my favorite combo for cat, but I thought he had a weird face. But my daughter had the final say, and honestly he has fit into our unique family beautifully. Pablo has many quirks. He likes to chase potatoes, and roll them down the stairs. If the potato happens to be a small one, he will carry it back up, if it is not he simply goes back upstairs and gets a new one and starts over again. He also loves to carry around my daughters old pair of Crocs. She was small at the time so they aren't huge, but he can't resist those shoes. He snuggles them, bites thems, thumps them, and wrestles them. We call him Pablo the Potato hunter. He also has a way of laying down, he just flops on you, looks at you, starts to purr and demands to be loved. He is very opinionated ....kinda like Jaded J.

So there you have it Tula Lula Belle, and Pablo the Potato hunter. Both are my kitty kitty kitties in the city (something I sing to them, don't ask.)

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