Monday, January 17, 2011

Exercise sucks.....

Today I went the first time with Lindsay to the gym. I hate working out. I really really do, but....I liked being with Lindsay as she made time go by faster, she was supportive and positive. I didn't feel like I was being stared at, and it was probably the best gym experience I have ever had. So I will try again tomorrow, because I know that eventually I will like the results, and being a fat amporhus blob is no longer an option. Hello, diabetes?

I got my invite today for joining the metabolic weight loss group at work, and I am going to go. I may learn some things, and I find that when my work week is broken up I am less inclined to call in sick. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, and I just need a day to regroup. I have never felt like that in a job before, and I think it is because I feel the pressure of knowing that I HAVE to keep my job. For the income, for the insurance, it makes me feel boxed in. I need reasons to get up, so I am hoping for a few months that my class will make this easier.

On other news, I felt cute today with my outfit. Black tights a dress from Lucie Lu and a black cardigan, and my 1940's inspired heels. I stopped wearing dresses because I didn't like the chub rub, but I think I have finally got a handle on that, and I feel so much more feminine in a dress.

I am starting to like myself a little bit more. My husband is being so supportive about my journey, I truly have my soul mate. Anyway, exercise sucks...but it may get better.

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