Monday, January 31, 2011

Torrid Happiness!!!!!

My purchases have started to arrive....YEAH ME!

I am really into the Mad Men look right now, the little cardigans with skirts. I have always loved 50's inspired clothing. So my order consisted of two cardigans and one skirt. Unfortunately the skirt is no longer on the website or I would have a picture of that too.

The red cardigan I got has the fabric flowers, another obsession of mine recently. I even made my own flower fabric pins with moderate success this fall. I took the polyester filmy fabric, cut roundish blobs, and then burned the edges, after that I got some swaroski beads for the middle. I really like them. As a matter of fact I have more fabric, I just haven't made more of them yet.

The black cardigan is is very pretty, has 3/4 sleeves, with crystal detailing and buttons. I liked this because it wasn't just plain black, it had some visual interest without wearing jewelry. I like jewelry, I am bad about wearing it, I just don't take the time to accesorize the way I should. But the ladies on other blogs, especailly Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou inspire me to try harder.

The skirt has the stretchy band at the top that can be rolled over to make the skirt longer or shorter. The skirt then has three flouncy layers of soft knit netting. TRES Cute. I have wanted a plain black skirt, but that was not a maxi skirt, not mini skirt. I think I have found it. I was going to buy the a-line skirt from Eliza Parker, but she ran out of my size....BOO! So this was on sale at Torrid, and I thought...what the hell? It was certainly cheaper, but a good black skirt is a solid investment because it should never go out of style. I am going to haunt the Eliza Parker website for awhile to see if it comes back in my size.

So on this nasty icy winter day in Nebraska, with me being home with the flu, I got some happiness in a soft white Torrid envelope.


jadedj said...

Torrid? Or is that...horrid? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!

Mama Pants said...

Tread softly dear....horrid may cause me to buy more frocks.

jadedj said...

Frocking will get you in trouble.