Saturday, January 8, 2011

The moment I saw this dress on Lucie Lu's website I had to have it. I mean instant unadulterated love. I got some xmas money from lovely brother in law and so I bought this with the Instant sleeves.

I got the dress, and in person it is lovely. A few things.....
  1. The middle band is stretchy elastic, and it got really hot when I wore it, It is non breathable material.
  2. The top for me was too large in the armpit area, but it fit my bust perfectly, so ....I guess I should have it altered.
  3. I tried the instant sleeves, and they didn't work for me. They fell back on my shoulders, exposing the top of my arms, and my bra. So I sent them back. I ended up getting a little cotton cardigan from Avenue and it is precious with it. It eliminated the need for a strapless bra, and getting the dressed altered.
I wore this dress to the office, because I never really go to parties, and it was not TOO over the top dressy with the cardigan, tights and mary jane heeled shoes I wore with it. I got a ton of compliments on the dress.

For those wondering, the underneath material is very fluid, not stiff, so it moves with the lace over skirt when you walk. The lace is also VERY soft, not stiff. I felt so pretty that day when I wore it. It is one of the few times that I thought ha ha regular size girls this dress is not in your size. Truly it is that pretty. I will try to get over being camera shy at some point, and post a picture of me in it. If you want to get your own beautiful dress, which by the way comes in a sapphire blue, a ivory color and the wine color shown above, press the link below. I have bought a lot recently from Lucie and everything has exceeded my expectations. I will post my review on my other items later.


Bombshell Beauty said...

Looks like we have a few things in common - the LucieLu love (especially this dress!), an NE connection, we're both Aquarians...:) Glad to have found your blog.

Mama Pants said...

Sounds like Kismet! Should have known from your saucy poses that you were an Aquarian! Thank you for coming over!