Monday, April 11, 2011

Transplant Thoughts

I have been thinking hard about the transplant that Joan received last week. I am so grateful that she was able to get the liver in time. I also feel an infinite sadness for the family who lost someone so Joan could live.

Joan and I discussed this when we found out that she needed the transplant. I think she was conlicted about it, I would be too. For me the conflict would be, could I live a worthy enough life after the transplant to deserve it? I don't know Joan's reasons of doubt, as she keeps everything close to her heart, but perhaps she has/had the same fear. I know that the person who gave Joan her liver did not die by choice, but for them to think beyond their death was altruism at its best. We will never know why the person who signed the donation card decided to do it in the first place. In fact, it seems we will never know anything at all about the person, as these things are kept private.

The donor family will never know Joan. I hope that they are finding some solace that their loved one is helping another family not deal with a death. If I could say thank you, I would a thousand times. Joan has always made the most of her life, and I know that with this second chance she will continue to do so. So even if she fears she is not worthy of this chance at life, I know undoubtedly that she is someone that has much more to give.

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Anonymous said...

Georgia, this is not only a lovely post, it's a thought-provoking one as well. I too have wondered what families feel when they donate the organs of a loved one. I would think that most people would be happy that their loved one is able to help someone else, but it still must be the hardest thing ever. I am so happy that Joan was given another chance. She sounds like a fighter and well worth another opportunity at life. Thank you for prompting us to reflect about this process.