Friday, April 15, 2011

Eshakti Wish List....

This dress is complete whimsy for me, for a number of reasons. The color is all wrong for my complexion. The neckline is too deep. It is sleeveless. It would probably make my bottom look bigger than it really appears. That being said, I love it. It is fun, and unusual. I wouldn't have any place to wear it, so it makes a nice wish list dress. I can it wear it in my dreams, and have it all magically fit and be flattering.
This dress struck me because of the sweetheart neckline, and it has been a long time since I had anything with that type of neckline, it tends to be universally flattering. I like the dark color, I can see it being great for the office, but also going out to dinner or social event that needs to be dressy. I can totally see this with a pearl choker, and black peep toe heels.
This dress is sweet and demure. I am not sure if it would work on me personally as I think my bust is too big for a neckline like that, and I am sure it would bulge in a ugly manner. But I like the khaki color with the light contrast stitching.
I like this dress because of the print, and the zipper detailing on the waist. If I were to buy this I would actually get it in the sea green and black combo. But I also like the violet and black.
I really like this dress because is it is colorful, and fun! It also has the vintage asethic that I have been going after lately.
I have been lusting for yellow lately. I really want a pair of mustard yellow shoes for next fall. I have found a couple of pairs that are really cute, but the heel was ridiculously high. I am thinking that yellow is not the most flattering color on me, but I want it none the less.


jadedj said...

I think I need more coffee.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the royal blue one with the sweetheart neckline. What a beauty! I too can see myself wearing it in an alternate reality where curvy girls grace the cover of every fashion magazine, where they are again muses and inspiration for painters and sculptors and where men drop at our feet at the sight of our wide hips. hee hee! :)

Minx's Den said...

i love the sweetheart neckline dress the most! my wedding dress even had a sweetheart neckline!

Mama Pants said...

We should be worshiped! Thin thighs be damned.

I now think that this dress needs to visit me soon. VERY SOON!

Jaded J!
You don't need more coffee, you need more money...HA!

jadedj said...

You are right hon...I will make an effort to curtain my visits to Avenue and on line at eBay. I'm a baaaaaad boy!