Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can you be friends at work?

Have you ever met a person, and just knew that they are going to be a good friend? That you could trust them? That no matter how serious or disgusting your secret is, they would get it, and not judge? I met one those people about 3 years ago, at work.


We have a 10 year age difference. I am old, she is young. We have different points of reference, she is a farm girl, I have always lived in a city. But...we click.

Her sense of humor is wicked and naughty. She has beautiful brown eyes that dance when she is being mischievous (which is often). She laughs, and can find the humor in most circumstances. She smiles, a lot.

She is practical. She is determined, and strong. Her devotion to her family is inspiring, especially her commitment to raise her boys as sensitive strong men. She loves her husband without reserve. She is also has a dedication to her Czech heritage that I think is really cool, and is passing that on to her sons.

I think that the best part about our friendship is that she listens, and asks lots questions. Sometimes I feel like I monopolize the conversation, because she has a way of bringing things out that I wouldn't normally share. Sometimes our schedules don't work out for eating lunch together, and that is hard, as I really need my Lindsay time. I need to have a laugh.

She can be an absolute imp, but I love the playfulness. I believe that God puts people in your life for specific reasons, and I know that Lindsay was my gift at work, because sometimes it can be overwhelming there.

So my Lindsay Lou have made a big impression, but I can't imagine life without you. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Georgia, what a beautiful, heartfelt post! We should all be so lucky to have a "Lindsay" in our lives. I'm glad that you have such a wonderful person to share in your day to day. Your affection for her comes out loud and clearn in the lovely words in your post. Sweet! :)

jadedj said...

For once I won't engage my smart mouth. Nice post, hon.

Lindsay Lee said...

aww... you made me cry :) That was probably the sweetest thing that ANYONE has ever done for me - thanks Mama!!

I guess that means I have to be nice to you today, uh? LOL! LOVE YOU LOTS MAMA PANTS!!

Did you know that YOU are kinda a big deal?