Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everyone had a great day....

Today was just beautiful here. The weather brought everyone out of their houses. I know for me that it helped my attitude too! I have been down lately, and the better weather was a much needed upper.

My windows are open as I write this, and I can hear my youngest playing on the front stoop. She is playing "puppies", what we nicknamed the Littlest Pet Shop dolls/pets. I love to hear her play, and have her make up the conversations. The cats have been in the windows all day, sniffing the spring air, and telling off the squirrels. We went to the park and had an ice cream cone. Tonight we are having our first steak on the grill. Can you say paradise?

I hope that every one else had the same kind of day. The weekends always go too fast.

Quick Joan update: I went to see her on Friday after work. She looked the same to me, very yellow, and was kind out of it. But...they did find a hole in her liver that was causing the bile to pool in a stomach cavity. Upshot, they are draining the hole now with a device that comes out of her body, but the hope is that they now know what is wrong and are making small steps to improve her condition and she will slowly start to get better. So we are all cautiously optimistic. The good news is that her liver is not rejecting, and is growing A LOT!


Anonymous said...

Georgia, I'm so happy you were able to enjoy what does indeed sound like a wee bit of paradise! Good for you! And it's great to hear that Joan's condition is improving. I'm sure this takes a load off your mind. I had to smile at your mention of your child's game of "Puppies." My son and I had the habit of making up our own personal names for popular toys. It was our way of personalizing them and making them less common and more "unique." :)

jadedj said...

I am glad for the day, with you and the girls, sweetie. And the grill!