Monday, September 5, 2011

Pin Head.

I have a love/hate relationship with hats. I love hats, they look like complete crap on me. For instance:

  1. Baseball hats-I look like a pin head. Not flattering.
  2. Stocking Hats-I look like a pin head. Not flattering, and itchy.
  3. Cloche hats-I look like pin head. Not flattering, and hard to find.
  4. Bucket Hats-I look like a pin head. Not flattering, and remind me of Woody Allen.
  5. Fascinators-Never actually tried one on, assuming the pin head trend would continue, and quite frankly, they look like hats that are trying too hard. (No offense Duchess Catherine).
  6. Hats with flowers-I look like pin head. Not flattering, especially with a garden growing out of my head.
  7. Beret-My favorite hat, I look less pin head, but still have the potential.
I wish I could wear hats, and they would look decent on me. Oh the bliss of throwing on a baseball hat and walking out the door, cute, fashionable, and functional.*SIGH*

Do you have something that you love, but doesn't work well on your body?

Oh and my favorite pin head of all time (said tongue in cheek, a show that I have a love/hate relastionship, can't stand him, but love to mock him.):

ZaK Bagans from Ghost Adventures.


jadedj said...

If the man had on a hat, he'd be all neck.

Anonymous said...

I don't really look or feel comfortable in hats either. I'm in that awkward territory. Not quite a pin head, but not quite cool either.

Anonymous said...

Georgia, I'm certain you do not look like a pinhead in hats! You're beautiful! I love hats! I get a big kick of wearing them in the winter here. And why is it that wearing a beret makes me feel so oo la la? Does it have that effect on you too? :)

Anonymous said...

Georgia, where are you, lovely lady? I miss you!