Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Gah, I have had writers block lately.

I have been crocheting a new wrap for winter, because the inner geek in me loves the one that Duchess Kate was shown wearing after the wedding to Prince William. I love the color especially! Anyway, the color of mine is more olive, and truth be told looks nothing like hers, because I was too lazy to do a triangle, and the ruffle on the outside is beyond my skill set at the present time. Mine is probably better classified as a glorified scarf.


I am going to try to expand my abilities with starting a crocheted sweater. I actually found a pattern that was sized from xs-5x, so I won't have to try to adjust a too small pattern (which I know I am not up to). I found a fellow crocheter (is that a word?) at work, and she is going to do a crochet a long with me. YEAH! I have been trying to learn how to knit, but so far it eludes me. I get the knit stitch, the purl stitch....ehhhh not so much. My mom has been trying to teach me, and apparently I knit too tightly, which is frustrating for her and for me. So while I struggle with the knitting, I wanted to do another project that would keep me off of the computer.


Ok my promise to you my readers:
If this turns out and is somewhat presentable, I will not pose in my new sweater with a smug smile. That model annoys me, but the sweater is dang cute! I also need to find my yarn selection, I am hoping to find a iced blue green, or greyed blue green. *SIGH* There I go again with the grey, oh well.

One other project I have been working on is trying to rework this shirt to fit me

Unfortunately it has been a bust. The neck on this thing was HUGE. So I tried to sew the collar back together. That didn't work. Next I tried to make the neck smaller, but taking the neck part in by making the sleeves smaller, that didn't work. My sewing machine doesn't like knits, and by the time I finally got two decent seams in, and tried it on it had been an hour. To have it still not fit or work just frustrated me more, the shirt is going into the rag pile. Oh well at least I tried.

These have been some of the things occupying my time. I have also had my girls start school, and work has been busy. I have had no great ideas for posts, my little blog has suffered. Maybe with rediscovering my crochet, etc. this will lead to more posts. I hope so, because I love reading comments.


Anonymous said...

I am knitter and crocheter too!

About your shirt - I don't know if you already know this or not - for knits you need a ball point needle, and use a zig zag stitch, on the machine. I hope that helps.

Take care, doll.

Anonymous said...

Georgia, sometimes taking a break from our blogs is not a bad thing! It serves to give us new perspective as well as come up with new topics to discuss. I think that while your crocheting project looks ambitious, you have what it takes to accomplish it! I would love to see a photo of you in your finished project! Please! What a treat and an inspiration to all us ladies who don't know the difference between one stitch from the next or if something is knitted or crocheted! :)

Mama Pants said...

I had NO idea about a ball point needle, so I will definitely try that! I just thought it was my old machine, but maybe that will be the golden ticket to making it work!

I have found I am not good at just sitting. I like to have something to do, or I like to take a nap! LOL! So hopefully my project turns out, and it will inspire me to keep going.