Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I'm feeling OLD?

Update on my friend Joan, she is making a slow recovery. Two more weeks in ICU, and as of right now her kidneys are still on vacation, but....her LIVER is growing, and there is lots of HOPE that everything is going to come out fine. So onward baby steps, and please keep her in your thoughts.

Today my oldest daughter got her braces on, and it drove home that she is starting her journey to womanhood. She starts high school next year, she is making decisions about her future that will hopefully lead to her a fulfilling career. She still talks to me candidly about almost everything, and it is such a joy to find her discovering herself and abilities. I think this part of motherhood excites me more than the baby, and toddler years. It certainly is challenging, but I feel we are closer. She asked me to dye her hair black today, I have resisted this request for two years. I don't know exactly what changed my mind, but I think I felt comfortable with her ability to make the decision. I personally am not a fan of dyed black hair, because it usually looks, well I guess ...dyed. I am one to talk though, as I am sure the colors of my hair have never been seen in nature on their own occurrence. Especially the glob of bright pink hair that I had last summer. So she is sitting right now with black on her hair, ready to change, scared of the difference, a great parallel to the place she is right now in her journey.

Fashion news! I bought a cardi yesterday with an brown leopard or cheetah print (can't tell which one). This is very surprising for me, as I am not huge fan of the animal prints. But, since I have been chasing after a more vintage look, this seems to fit right in. I thought about getting a skirt with that kind of print, but I am more excited about the prospect of the cardi. I also ordered a great dress from Avenue last night. I had a coupon for 50% of my highest priced item, if I bought two things. So I found some clearance panties for $3.99, and my dress ended up being only 29.99, when it started out at 59.99. YEAH ME!

I am not above buying used clothes. I found a board called the fatshion exchange board. Most of the stuff is too small for me, but I did find a cute boho skirt and sweater. I paid for it two weeks ago, and I have yet to get it. The seller disappeared, so I started a claim with paypal. That finally brought the seller out of the woodwork, she had a virus on computer,blah blah blah. Still no clothes, and now she won't reply again. Very frustrating. I just don't understand someone who tries to scam through these boards, it makes a bad experience for everyone. Oh a couple of weeks I should have my money back.


Anonymous said...

Georgia, first of all, what a great post! It's good to hear Joan is doing better. We shall keep her in our prayers so she will soon be on the mend. Your decision to allow your daughter to dye her hair is admirable. I wish I had your fortitude when I was raising my daughter! I believe it would have saved me a whole lot of grief! Hurrah for your animal print cardi! Grrrr! Love it! I absolutely love that you're trying new things! As for the scammer...shame on her! I do hope you will get your money soon. Thanks for sharing your experience since it will open the eyes of other readers to this type of scam. Can't wait to see photos of you in that cheetah print cardi! :)

Mama Pants said...

Thank you for the response. Why is walking outside your comfort zone so hard???

Minx's Den said...

good to see you back georgia! missed you!!! i bet ur daughter's hair looks awesome, I have had every color you can think of! I haven't dyed my hair in about 5 years, but i have that insane urge to put bright pink streaks in, well that urge is about 2 months old now, what do you think?