Saturday, November 26, 2011

Things learned from this Thanksgiving Weekend....

  1. Don't use a pot that you normally cook with on the stove-top, in the oven. I have stainless steel pots, and I after cooking on the range, I placed it in the oven to finish cooking. I took it out with hot pads, but when I went to move it to a back burner, I forgot, and grabbed the handle. Holy hell that hurt.
  2. If you are in immense pain from a burn, you will be desperate to try anything to make it go away. I had placed my hand in a bucket of cold water for an hour, and when I would take it out, it hurt worse, lots worse. My darling Jaded J left to go get aloe vera, and anything else he could find to help me. In the meantime, with my left hand I pecked out burned hand in Google, and came across this site. Earth Clinic. It had reviews for placing aluminum foil, shiny side in on the burn. So I made myself a foil mitten, and waited. Many reviews said you needed to fight through the first 5-10 minutes of pain, but it would get better. In 20 minutes the pain was gone, the skin was still tender, but I could move it. In fact the next day (Thanksgiving) I had full mobility. I was AMAZED!!!!! Jaded J was amazed, my mom was amazed, the ER nurse was amazed. I had no blisters, no scaring. Yeah Aluminum Foil.
  3. Spending the afternoon of Thanksgiving in the ER is not fun. Luckily it wasn't me that needed to go, but my Mom. She has a bad back and she had pulled it out whack the Sunday before, by Thursday she could hardly walk. So after we ate (we did have priorities), I took her the ER. After lots of magic medicine in the IV, we left. But while we were there, I did run my aluminum foil remedy by the nurse, and she had no idea why it worked, but she was impressed.
  4. Black Friday brings out the worst in some people. I went black Friday shopping 7 years ago, almost got trampled with my oldest daughter, and vowed never again. Whenever I get slightly tempted to go again, I read the articles about mothers (with children in tow) pepper spraying other mothers to get an xbox. Or people being shot in parking lots to get their purchases. Umm, no thanks.
  5. If you decide to do a mid year clean up, remember where you stick the Christmas ornaments. We tore apart our house trying to find the teal and silver ornaments that we sprung for a year ago, no dice. We also tore apart the garage, nope. Luckily because we are pack rats, we had a variety of odds and ends and our Christmas tree turned out beautiful.
  6. I still don't know how to cook a turkey. It was OK, but not great. I love to cook but roasting poultry is not my strong point. Still trying to find the definitive method to roast a chicken, and now added to the list is the turkey. Oh well, suggestions are welcome.....
  7. The green bean casserole was AWESOME! What a difference all fresh ingredients made. Of course a ton of heavy cream never hurts either.
  8. I love spending time with my family. I had 5 days off, and they flew by, and I don't want to go back to work, but I am grateful to have a job to return to. What a dichotomy.


jadedj said...

Just reading this tired me out. Hellofa nice 5 days though.

Anonymous said...

And what valuable lessons they were, Georgia! I really liked reading your life lesson's in regard to this season. I'm sorry for your mother and the time you both had to spend in the emergency room. I hope everything's back to normal now! Good for you for not engaging in the Black Friday madness! I cannot believe how crazy people can get. Can you believe the pepper spray incident? Just heinous! I'm happy to see you posting again, lady! :)